I am no longer running workshops but I am happy to recommend another Yorkshire based landscape photographer   My landscape photography workshops featured on TV in November 2011 when I guided Gethin Jones, a film crew, a sound engineer and three producers half way down Boulby Cliffs when we made an episode of ITV’s “”Adventurer’s Guide to Britain”” Blessed with a host of wonderful and varied landscapes on offer here in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the Yorkshire Coast, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, I am delighted to offer my landscape photography workshops and panoramic master classes. I also offer extended one to one mentoring. “”You may be a beginner trying to get the best out your compact camera, an enthusiast wanting to take contol of your DSLR, or an advanced enthusiast needing specific help in recording images you have already visualised.”” I don’t provide scheduled courses though I do offer One to One workshops by arrangement, and occasional group workshops if I am approached by a group. One to One workshops: We work together to find a mutually agreeable date and location of your choice. Prior to the workshop, I work with you to identify areas of photography that you wish to develop. I then design a bespoke workshop for you so we can work on these areas out on location, and you benefit by the accelerated learning of a 1:1 setting. My typical rate is £180 per day depending on the location. Group workshops: The workshops are all location based, and they are limited to a maximum of three clients so that each client receives the very best care, attention and feedback. The workshops are designed to be fun and relaxing. It may be a family group, a birthday celebration or a social occasion with friends. The group workshops will be tailored to suit the individual needs of clients, and precisely where the clients are on their journey into landscape photography. The small group size ensures that you receive individual attention, and most importantly, you will feel comfortable and you won’t be intimidated by lots of experts. Rates are £270 for two photographers per day, and £330 for a group of three.

The Art of Photography On all my workshops there will be an emphasis on the art of photography, in other words, the creative side of landscape photography, particularly in visual awareness and composition. This will enable you to move beyond simple record shots to making creative images based on your visual and emotional responses to landscape. The techniques of photography (camera settings, exposure, depth of field, ISO etc) will be covered in a way that can be applied to your landscape photography. Toward the latter part of the workshops we will address the process of visualisation, using our insights and imagination to visualise and then execute an image. In addition to my skills and my beliefs about landscape photography, I bring to the workshops my knowledge and skills from a Degree in Biological Sciences, from twenty years of teaching, from being a Department for Education Subject Learning Coach, from being a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and from my beliefs in the importance of Emotional Intelligence. I have a vast amount of organisational experience from leading mountaineering expeditions to Peru and Pakistan, as well as from organising numerous field trips and foreign exchanges. I am also an Ambulance First Responder and First Aider. All workshop are risk assessed and covered by specialist insurance.  

Suggestions for Workshop dates   January ~ Lake District ~ winter light February ~ Lake District ~ winter light February ~ Yorkshire Dales ~ winter light March  ~  Lake District ~ spring light April  ~  HaybuHayburn Wyke, Yorkshire Coast ~ crashing waves, sandstone boulders, cliffs, and twin waterfalls, a lazy river and an ancient woodland April ~ Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis ~ spring in the Highlands May ~  Yorkshire Dales ~ late spring in the Dales May ~  North York Moors ~ rivers, forests, moorland June ~ Yorkshire Dales ~ flower meadows and barns June ~ Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire Coast ~ low tide with the wet shale reflecting the midsummer sunsets and dramatic skies, Saltwick Bay has it all July ~  Yorkshire Coast July ~ The Wainstones and Hasty Bank, North Yorks Moors ~ unusual rock formations and dramatic views, we will work into the evening to capture the summer sunset August ~ Great Fryupdale and Rosedale, North York Moors ~ dramatic skies and the heather in full bloom September ~ North York Moors: Mallyan Spout and West Beck, Thomason Foss and Eller Beck ~ the start of autumn signals a return to these delightful rivers and waterfalls September ~ North Yorkshire Moors~ heather October ~ Lake District autumn colours October ~ Yorkshire Dales autumn colours November ~ Lake District autumn colours November ~ North Yorkshire woodlands December ~ Yorkshire Dales ~ limestone pavements and winter skies     Please feel free to contact me by phone (07974 698065) or e mail (info@peterleemingphotography.com )