Up here in Northern England, and possibly nowhere more so than right here in the North York Moors, we currently have a stunning display of cotton grass.... dense white carpets sweeping across the Moors.... possibly due to the very wet summer we had last year.

I finished a recent rock climbing trip to the Lake District by spending a day in the North Pennines Area of Outsanding Natural Beauty...  a fairly neglected area as most people rush past on their way to the Lakes... and I have been more guilty than most.... but boy, have I been missing out... alone on a scorching hot day, with the sounds of black headed gulls finishing their nesting and chick rearing on these upland Tarns.

The last week of June saw us photographing the meadows in Wharfedale and Littondale, and enjoying the wild flowers and the birds. To see an oystercatcher piping away to its young, surrounded by the most stunning wild flowers is to be blessed. Watching hundreds of sandmartins catching insects over the Skirfare and returning to their burrows to feed their young.... it really doesn't get any better than this.


The deep depression that swept down from the north in late May had filled by the time I reached the wild and little known Berwickshire Coast, and I was able to make the following images around St Abbs Head... though for me the real deal would be a future shoreline trip westwards from St Abbs... that would be an atmospheric adventure!

A wild and windy trip to the Northumberland coast in late May found me battling the elements at Cullernose Point, less well known than the honeypots of Bamburgh and so on, but perhaps more special because of this?

I recently enjoyed leading a really special workshop for a very talented client. We chose to visit Flamborough head on a falling tide and work into the evening... it was a day of blue skies, red campion and kittiwakes... and by 9.30pm, the sea had taken on that soft turquoise colour... so much so, I felt I was amongst the Greek islands.

The beginnings of a project to photograph the wilder, more inaccessable parts of the River Esk.

Summer up here on the Moors has been amazing so far, with snipe, curlew, lapwing and golden plover ever present, and the buttercup meadows have been quite spectacular.

On a  recent trip to Saltwick Bay on the Yorkshire coast to meet a friend, we should have been greeted by a glorious sunrise at 4am.... instead we met with thick fog, darkness, a leaden grey sky, no hint of where the sun was rising... and prior to that I had to scrape ice off the car, and then drive very slowly over the North York Moors in the fog...

Just back from a hut to hut ski touring trip in the Swiss Alps with three good friends..... an amazing, fantastic, intense experience.