Springtime on the North York Moors

They say that winter isn't over until the daffodils have finished flowering, and up here in Danby in the North York Moors, the daffodils aren't even out yet. Yet Spring is here, even if winter isn't over, and I'm sure we will have plenty of weather to come. Does that make sense?

At the end of February we had a trip out to Boulby Cliffs on the Yorkshire Coast (well the Cleveland coast to be exact). It was still officially winter, but try telling that to the skylark that was singing his heart out a hundred metres up.

Then Boulby revealed its secrets once more...

Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast

alum shales, Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast

alum shales, Boulby Cliffs, Yorkshire Coast


Up here on the Moors, the greylag geese are now flying around in pairs, the curlew and lapwing returned about a week ago, oystercatchers are pairing up in the meadows around the River Esk, and last weekend, when it was sunny and 13 degrees Celsius, there were some adders out on the south facing hillside above the village ( I wouldn't have expected to see them until sunny days in April).

Down here in the village, the blackbirds are getting pretty fractious with each other, and the starlings are lining their nests with the crocuses from the lawn......

Earlier this week, I made a return trip to Saltwick Bay in preparation for forthcoming landscape photography workshops, and made these images in very clear and bright weather....

sandstone and iron Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire Coast

iron and shale, Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire Coast

Spring might be on hold this week as we have a high pressure system over Russia which is bringing an Easterly airflow, cooling down even more as it crosses the North Sea, which will be at its coldest round about now... perhaps only seven degrees. Still, there is the solar eclipse to look forward to on Friday 20th March.