It has been a busy few weeks, meeting with clients and planning the rest of the year. The mild, windy and very wet weather has been a challenge at times in terms of photography, but we have made the best of the cold, sunny days after frosty mornings. Up here on the North Yorks Moors, the Moors themselves are fairly quiet though the red grouse are just beginning to think about their courtship rituals..... and a few days ago there were 80 redwings in the field behind the house....

Danby Rigg
I realised recently that I have always surrounded myself with people who make me better than I am, and it was the late, great John Spencer, in his Emmy acceptance speech, that reminded me of this. I'm not making out than I am anyone special, and I think that we all tend to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good. Particularly in the mountains, my friends have made me better than I am. Ruth has made me a better photographer than I am, and my family have taught me to be a better person than I am.

Danby Park

Clither Beck