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Peter Leeming
7 Dale End,
North Yorkshire.
YO21 2JF.

Telephone: 07974 698065.




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Peter Leeming is an ex- professional landscape photographer. He lives near the coast in the North York Moors National Park. Peter works with a Fotoman 617 Panoramic film camera, and also a Mamiya 7II film camera, and his images tend toward the evocative with a degree of mystery, rather than the purely representational or descriptive. He has exhibited widely, including his highly praised "Haunted by Waters" images of the River Derwent.


Peter's photographic art of the wilder parts of Yorkshire's Dinosaur coast has largely been recorded at dawn or dusk, and has involved some epic stuggles with tides, darkness, capricious weather and rockfall.

As a Biologist by training, a mountaineer by way of life, and as a photographer searching for depth, Peter's images reflect his sense of place in wild landscapes.



"Paradoxically, I'm not that interested in photography. Photographs yes, and conversations on an emotional level about photographs. Spending time in high mountains has informed who I am, what I feel and what I believe. I'm interested in being creative, interested in being able to express myself through my images. Interested in developing an intimate and respectful relationship with the land. Most interested in striving for authenticity in my work"



"I think my photography is most satisfying, and possibly most authentic, when I have found and explored a good location, re-visited it many times through out the seasons, kept exploring, stepped back for the wide view, zoomed in on the detail, and kept on until I have said all I wanted to say about it.... trying to work at the edges of my technical ability, kept on pushing both technically and physically... working, refining, working, refining... allowing each decision making process to help my photographic style evolve..."